Invite Your Friends to Join You For Easter!

No other event in history comes anywhere close to the significance of the resurrection of Jesus.  Let's make sure everyone knows! Use the tools on this page to invite your neighbors and friends to join you for Easter! 

Use Our Graphic on Social Media

Download this image to your phone or computer and use it everywhere on Social Media. Post it on Facebook, Instagram, X, and everywhere you have connections to people who might be interested in joining you for service on Easter morning.  Let's make this Kosciusko County's most-posted graphic!


Text Your Invitation To Local Unchurched Friends!
98% of all texts sent from a friend are opened and read. Get your invitation out!

Here are the steps to an effective text-a-friend invite: 

1. Pray for open hearts for them and for courage for you. 

2. Download the above graphic to your photos. 

3. Text the graphic to a local unchurched friend. 

4. Follow it immediately with something like, "Hey Friend, I was wondering what your plans were for Easter.  Would you be my guest at church?"

Send An Email Invite

We have created an invitation engine that will send an email to your friends with all the details about our Easter service.  Emails are not as frequently opened as texts, so be sure to follow the steps below for increased likelihood of success!

1. Pray for your friend's open heart and for your courage. 

2. Use our email invitation engine to send the email. 

3. Follow up with a phone call or text telling them to check their inbox for a message from your church.  It will come from:

Invitation Engine
Nothing Beats a Personal Invitation

The most effective invitation, by far, is the one you make face-to-face with someone you know.  Their eternal lives can change because of 30 seconds of outrageous courage on your part.  You never know what the Holy Spirit will do with your willingness to ask an unchurched friend if they would be your guest.  Go for it!  See what happens.