What Is Pleasant View's Deacon's Ministry

Following the example of Acts 6:1-7, the Deacon ministry is a body of men, selected from among the congregation with certain qualifications (1 Tim 3:8-12), whose principal purpose is to serve the local congregation's physical needs.  They are different from Elders in that they are not required to be able to teach, and the jurisdiction of their oversight is physical rather than spiritual needs.  

The Deacons at PVBC perform physical acts of help and manage a fund, contributed to by the congregation, which is disbursed as needed to meet the material needs of the members and regular attenders of PVBC.  This fund is not used to meet the needs of those not regularly associated with PVBC.  In other words, they are not outreach benevolence dollars. 

If you regularly attended PVBC and have needs that you would like the Deacons to meet, we are thrilled to consider your request. 

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